Developing Bluedot Technologies

Point of Care/At-Home Diagnostic Devices

Millions of people suffer from misdiagnosed
maladies every year.

The BlueDot Vision

We now have a simple device that will quickly determine if your cold symptoms are bacterial or viral. Your physician is immediately able to begin the correct medication shortening your recovery time.

This level of quick diagnosis will prevent the inappropriate use of antibiotics.

The overuse of antibiotics results in drug resistant bacteria as well as changes to your microbiome.

Without a fix, eventually antibiotics would stop working.

Your health care workers have a device as small as your smart phone to effectively diagnose Malaria, Dengue Fever, TB, Zika or Ebola.

Or you might use the same device to periodically scan your bloodstream for early biomarkers of cancer, to give yourself the upper hand in defeating disease.

What if this device is integrated with the web and aligned with global informatics and relevant health advisories?

Now we make this device is as affordable and easy to use as a thermometer.

Imagine how healthcare would change in remote and developing countries.

BlueDot is partnered with NASA and other national laboratories to develop these technologies by use of minimally invasive sensors, leveraging advances in microfluidics, photonics and acoustics.